North Street Global offers a comprehensive suite of services through its full-service treasury management desk.  


Through our treasury management desk alternative asset funds are able to facilitate the receipt of subscription proceeds prior to their movement to the fund’s Prime Broker or Custodian for trading.  Upon receipt of subscription monies, North Street Global conducts its due diligence on both the source of funds and the Investor, including required AML and KYC analysis, following which the subscription is wired to the fund’s trading account.  This process is conducted on a same-day basis, causing no delay for the fund manager in trading the incoming capital whilst ensuring that proper due diligence is carried out.  The same process pertains for any redemption from a fund to ensure that the redemption proceeds are returned to the investor’s account from which they were initially subscribed, thereby following required AML procedures.  


If you are a current client and would like to open up a treasury management account please contact us at: 


Treasury Services Include

  • Liquidity Management services

  • Reporting Services

  • Trade Finance Services

  • Cash Management 

  • Business Escrow Services