Over 50% of start-up Hedge Funds fail not because of their trading strategy but because they don’t have the proper infrastructure in place.  The emerging manager needs to set up the proper infrastructure at the onset of the fund so that they can focus on their strategy.


  • Cost analyses: both startup and ongoing

  • Fund structuring options: master-feeder vs. side-by-side

  • Investment adviser regulatory and operational setup

  • Assistance with document creation and marketing collateral

  • Marketing and placement strategies

  • Cost & service considerations of fund and manager service provider


​At North Street Global we will implement a road map to successfully launch and grow your fund.  We will walk you through each step of the process, from inception to launch.  Unlike a 'Hedge Fund In A Box' solution, we know that depending on size, strategy and other criteria a manager might put in place not all funds are created equal, and neither are service providers, so they shouldn't all be prepared for launch the same way either.  Our concierge approach customized with each client and personally matched and introduced to the appropriate service providers based on their individual needs.  Whether it is a $5mm FX a $50mm Long/Short or a $500mm Multi-Strat launch, we deliver results.  


Our goal is to provide you with the necessary infrastructure and relationships to succeed:


  • Legal (Entity Formations, Fund Documents)

  • Audit/Tax

  • Administration (Middle & Back Office)

  • Prime Brokerage

  • Trading & Execution

  • Capital Introduction

  • Compliance

  • IT

  • Marketing

  • Recruiting

From concept to launch; the right way, the first time!