Form PF is a risk reporting requirement that is used by the SEC to assess the contribution that private funds have towards systemic risk.   In addition, the SEC intends to use the risk profile data from Form PF for both examination and enforcement purposes.   North Street Global Fund Services provides clients with complete and cost-effective services to fully meet all of the specific risk and data reporting requirements of Form PF.


Key Service Features:


  • Complete Solution – Fully meet all of a fund’s Form PF challenges and requirements

  • Most Cost-Effective – North Street’s Form PF solution is superior and less expensive than an in-house effort or any external vendor solution

  • Extensive Risk Experience – Seasoned team of risk management practitioners with 25+ years of experience

  • Leading Risk Systems – We utilize leading risk software to aggregate data and produce answers for complex risk calculations in section 2 of Form PF such as:

            - Value-at-Risk (VaR)

            - Counterparty risk

            - Liquidity risk

            - Duration risk

            - Stress Tests


  • Regulatory Interpretation/Assumptions – guidance on interpretation, assumptions and methodologies of Form PF questions

  • Regulatory Audit Trail – development and/or enhancement of fund’s Form PF “Bible” (i.e. Form PF policies, procedures and regulatory audit trail)

  • Independent Review and Check – review and check of a fund’s filing before submission to the SEC to ensure there are no “red flags”