UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) is a directive implemented by the European Union that allows funds to market to investors in any country that is a part of the E.U., as long as they are authorized within the domestic country.  The directive was established in an attempt to create a single financial services market in the E.U. North Street Global Fund Services provides clients with complete and cost-effective reporting services to fully meet the distinct data requirements for UCITS reporting.


Key Service Features:


  • Complete Solution – fully meet all of a fund’s UCITS challenges and requirements

  • Most Cost-Effective – North Street Global Fund Services UCITS solution is superior and less expensive than an in-house effort or any external vendor solution

  • Extensive Risk Experience – Seasoned team of risk management practitioners with 25+ years of experience

  • Leading Regulatory Reporting Software – We utilize leading regulatory reporting software to aggregate data and produce UCITS report customized to fit the regulatory requirements

  • Leading Risk Software – We utilize leading risk software to produce answers for complex risk calculations of UCITS such as:

                - Value-at-Risk (VaR) 

                - Counterparty risk

                - Duration risk 

                - Liquidity risk

                - Stress Tests


  • Regulatory Interpretation/Assumptions – Guidance on interpretation, assumptions and methodologies of UCITS questions

  • Key Investor Information Document – We produce the fund’s Key Investor Information Document ("KIID") to meet the additional authorization requirements of the UCITS report

  • Regulatory Audit Trail – Development and/or enhancement of fund’s UCITS “Bible” (i.e. UCITS policies, procedures and regulatory audit trail) to fully meet transparency targets

  • UCITS V Requirements – Review of a fund’s depository agreements and remuneration policies to perform a diagnostic on the basis of the new UCITS V rules

  • Independent Review and Check – Evaluation, review and check of a fund’s annual and semi-annual filing before submission to the regulators to ensure there are no “red flags"