OPERA (Open Protocol Enabling Risk Aggregation) is a private sector initiative created by Albourne and leading institutional investors in an attempt to standardize the reporting processes and metrics so that investors can compare and aggregate the risk characteristics and exposure information of funds in which they invest.   The initiative covers all risk-reporting and performance areas of funds, which will help increase transparency among even the biggest funds.   North Street Global Fund Services provides clients with complete and cost-effective reporting services to fully meet the distinct risk and data requirements for OPERA reporting as well as for other investor transparency reporting.



Key Service Features:


  • Complete Solution – fully meet all of a fund’s OPERA reporting requirements

  • Most Cost-Effective – North Street Global Fund Services OPERA solution is superior and less expensive than an in-house effort or any external vendor solution

  • Extensive Risk Experience – seasoned team of risk management practitioners with 25+ years of experience

  • Leading Risk Systems – using leading risk software, we produce complex risk calculations required in OPERA, including all Sections and “Grades” within the report, such as:


                - Value-at-Risk (VaR) 

                - Counterparty risk

                - Duration risk 

                - Liquidity risk

                - Stress Tests


  • Independent Review and Check – review and check of a fund’s submission for OPERA to ensure there are no material errors or “red flags” for Albourne and/or investors.